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When in drought, save the livestock

What is the impact of drought on farmers and their livestock? Expert Sajal Kulkarni speaks to India Water Portal.

sajal Kulkarni

The Marathwada and Vidarbha region of Maharashtra have been witnessing drought and drinking water crises for a long time. A drought situation always makes headlines for its impact on human lives, but rarely for the effect it has on the livelihoods of these farmers. Livestock are their lifeline and extreme climatic variations are bound to affect them adversely. The recent drought in Maharashtra testify this. The impact of drought on livestock in Maharashtra has hit the overall economy of the farmers to such an extent that they were forced to sell their animals for cheap to save themselves and their families from financial burden.

Sajal Kulkarni, researcher associated with non-profit BAIF (Bhartiya Agro Industries Foundation) Institute for sustainable livelihoods and development, Nagpur and an expert of livestock spoke to India Water Portal about the impact of drought on the livestock and farmers during a round table discussion organised by Centre for People’s Collectives, Nagpur. 

What is the current scenario of livestock in Maharashtra?

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