The Centre for People’s Collective (CPC)


Thematic Areas For CPC's Engagement


    • Accountable Governance
    • Promoting Sustainable Livelihood Models
    • Promoting Gender participation in governance
    • Promoting People’s Governance and Management of natural resources
    • Promoting People’s Governance of Essential Services in Rural Urban areas
    • Developing People’S Budget and Plan
    • Policy Ananlysis and Advocacy
    • Research, Documentation and Publication
    • Transparent Political Processes

Currently CPC is Involved In:


    • Developing Common Economic Agenda through Clustering of Panchanyats
    • Agenda Through Clustering of Panchayats
    • Creating Model Panchayats based on accountable governance
    • Developing Indicators of Accountable Governance and promoting best practices
    • Capacity Building of Gram Sabhas and Panchayat members
    • Mapping of Village Panchayat e-sources
    • Making Village Development Plans
    • Budget Analysis of Panchayats and Urban Bodies
    • Engagement with Political Parties for policy interventions
    • Policy Brief Notes
    • Newsletters