The Center for People’s Collective (CPC)


Pastoral Communities and Forest Rights Study

Penning Study with Support from Sahjeevan-CFP 

A study had been commissioned by Sahjeevan-Center for Pastoralism to study the penning of livestock (small and large ruminants) under mobile pastoralism in the Deccan Plateau region of the sub-continent. The objectives of the study are to examine the inter-personal relationships between farmers and pastoralists, socio-cultural dimensions, indigenous rituals and traditions, and economies surrounding penning of livestock in the region. 

Study Area and communities Area
# District Block Communities
1 Ahmednagar Sangamner Dhangar
2 Wardha Seloo Dhebriya Rabbari
3 Chandrapur Mul Kurmar

Green collar Jobs

In Partnership with Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited, Nagpur Center is developing Key Green Collar Jobs Profile in East Vidarbha District.

The development of green jobs, livelihoods and enterprises, as well as enhancing understanding about green jobs, in culturally diverse contexts and promoting wider actions to promote and develop green jobs and livelihoods is an area of mutual interest for the parties hereto. 


Varied initiatives catering to broad thematic areas mentioned above are planned for sustainable Green collar jobs such as – 

  1. Green Collar Jobs Profiling. 
  2. Listing of ideas for Green Economy/Green Livelihoods/Green Collar skills and jobs. 
  3. Develop and apply the sustainability framework, with enablers/ barriers articulation for selected ideas to be developed under the initiative. 
  4. Design and development of ideas into products.
  5. Field trials and testing of select ideas. 
  6. Development of business models around ideas. 
  7. Long-term action research in the area of Green Livelihoods, Jobs and Economy, addressing sustainability challenges.

Submitted Comments to Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC or Commission)

The Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC or Commission) has

Prepared the Draft Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (Electricity Supply Code and Standards of Performance of Distribution Licensees including Power Quality)

Regulations, 2020.The proposed Regulations would supersede the existing MERC (Electricity Supply Code and Other Conditions of Supply) Regulations, 2005 and MERC (Standards of Performance of Distribution Licensees, Period for Giving Supply and Determination of Compensation) Regulations, 2014, as amended from time to time.

Primitive Vulnerable Tribal Group Policy note was prepared for Mumbai School of Economics and Public Policy and Tribal Training Research Institute.

 In detail policy brief was work out we placed our inputs in data and policy formation.

  1. As Madia community is largely dependent on Minor Forest Produce for livelihood, establishing Vandhan Kendra for forward linkages of Mahua, Tendu Patta, Bamboo products will lead to improved livelihoods. Aggregation of Mahua flowers, processing and value addition by making different food products is a viable channel. In order to maximise the benefits of the rights recognised under the FRA 2005, it is important to make suitable amendments to the Bombay Prohibition Act 1949, amended 2018.
  2. To establish Farmer Producer Organisation/ Cooperatives for schemes like Goat rearing, Fisheries, Poultry, Animal Husbandry, Agricultural and Forest Produce, Brick kilns etc. for Katakri community to tackle the issue of migration among them.  A specific MOU should be executed between the FPO/ Cooperative and the technical expert for time bound technology transfer.  This will enable the communities to draw on resources from NABARD, SFAC and other similar organizations, rather than remain exclusively dependent upon the provisions through TDD schemes.

Pastoral guidelines 

Pastoral Guidelines was developed with support of Center for Pastoralism-Sahajeevan

Support to Migrant Workers in Lockdown and Pandemic COVID Period

With Support from RRN and Coast Network we supported 70 workers from Jharkhand with ration and food packets around Nagpur district. We helped them in travel arrangement to reach their respective places and states. 

Central Kitchen to support local slum dwellers and workers in Nagpur

In the Month of March during COVID 19 pandemic we have supported 5000 Slum dwellers and Workers in Nagpur in Jaitala Ward.