The Centre for People’s Collective (CPC)

About CPC

We are a non-for-profit company.

The Centre for People’s Collective– a unit of the Nagpur Centre for People’s Social Forum – is envisioned as a knowledge and a network partner for communities seeking to elevate their lives through socio-economic progress, bridging the gap that exists between the policies and programmes on the one hand and grassroots on the other, particularly in the central India landscape.
We are a group of friends and colleagues from a diverse expertise and skill-sets who came together to institutionalise our research, ideas and social action for a collective community good.
Marking a departure from the approach of working directly with communities, the CPC strives to become a knowledge partner, supporter, and service provider to mostly backward and forest and agrarian communities on several verticals, including livelihoods, transparent governance, institution building, gender, and social innovation and enterprise.
We choose flexible and adaptable models drawing from the best practices of community collective action across the country by putting in incisive research, scoping, and demand-driven aspects in the lagging geographies.
For that, the CPC also draws from the strength of experts and theoreticians who support us – from sociology, economics, agriculture, livestock, to business and management.
Building capacities of the community leaders and tapping into the strength of social capital is a major focus area for the CPC. The other is networking with people working for the collective good in India.
Water, agriculture, natural resource management, forests, land and tenurial systems, livestock – and their relationship with communities has been the CPC’s deep study and work interest.
Idea is to learn, practice, and share the new pragmatic ideas within the values of constitutional and consensual democracy among those who need it.
In that sense, the CPC aims to become a knowledge and collective practitioner’s hub.


The CPC’s vision is to be an all-encompassing Resource Centre to study the People’s Governance models on the one hand, and study, analyse and explain the new legal-policy frameworks and regimes in the country and globally – from social, economic and ecological issues that affect people. The vision is guided by the Principles of the Collective Process and Action, Self-determination, Collective Responsibility and Cooperative Economics.


To plug the gap in top-down and bottom-up research – decipher policy prescriptions coming from the top and their consequences for people at the grass-roots. To strengthen grassroots democratic Institutions to promote dialogue and collective processes among communities and stakeholders engaged in nation building.