About the CPC:

We are a not-for-profit company. We aim to bridge the gap between the people’s collectives and their political and social representatives at the grassroots through constant research and training.

The Center for People’s Collective (CPC) is a unit of the Nagpur Center for People Social Forum that brings together researchers, political workers, social activists, and grassroots people who are concerned and actively engaged with the issues of national importance like Good Governance, economic equity, poverty alleviation, regional& inclusive development, gender equity, environment & ecology,transparency & accountability, strengthening democratic institutions and political participation.

The CPC through its engagement with many stakeholders ranging from academicians, researchers, journalists, businessmen, social and political workers, bankers, educationists, health practitioners, trade unionists et alis committed to play the role of a catalyst in empowerment of people through a collective action leading to improvement in quality of life and human dignity.

The CPC will strive to achieve the above objective through a Resource Center for Research, Documentation, Dialogue, Policy Analysis &Interventions, supporting people’s knowledge and publications. CPC as an independent Center is filling an existing vacuum in Central India.